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M. Daniel Sloan's works are informative. These FREE downloadable books are licensed under a Creative Commons License. Well-researched details raise the bar for the phrase "business tools that work." Peer-reviewed evidence shows how sound theory produces bottom-line results. Lean, Six Sigma, and industry leaders value case study examples. Sloan's Lean and Six Sigma Book Shelf is a comprehensive bibliography that traces the key books in the 2500 year history of productivity improvement literature.
Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.
Profit Signals Lean Six Sigma Book Cover
Profit Signals, How Evidence-based Decisions Power Six Sigma Breakthroughs by M. Daniel Sloan with Russell Boyles, PhD., 2003. 260 pages, 123 illustrations. Profit Signals is a guide to making better, more profitable decisions.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

  • Read endorsement letters citing Lean and Six Sigma results, from customers like Aeroplastics and our Brazilian publisher, Quality Mark. Together with Washington Manufacturing Services they championed our Shingo Prize nomination by confirming reported results.
  • Learn the unifying concept behind every Lean and Six Sigma analysis. The concept is simple. It is easy to master.
  • Earn your Five-Minute PhD. Everything you will ever need to know about Lean, Six Sigma, and evidence based decisions is contained in this book. Softbound copies cost $65 plus shipping. The Creative Commons Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) version of Profit Signals is FREE. The companion Excel teacher's template workbook provides detail of the book's tables. For questions and coaching please call Sloan Consulting 1-206-525-7858.
    Lean Six Sigma New Management Equation Book Cover
    The New Management Equation: Productivity, Quality, and Information Analysis Solutions that Add Up. (Sloan Consulting, 1998) Now out of Print. This self-study guide was 334 pages long with 152 illustrations. In 2003, during its revision process, it became Profit Signals.
    Analyzing Clinical Care Pathways Book Cover
    Analyzing Clinical Care Pathways, 3-Dimensional Tools for Quality Outcomes and Improvement, with Carole S. Guinane (1999, 300 pages, 50 illustrations, diskette.) This book was published by McGraw Hill Healthcare Education Group. It was an advanced text for health care leaders. This book is out of print. The book detailed:
    • Clinical case studies: Pathways for diabetes, chronic pain and cardiovascular conditions with dozens of hands-on examples.
    • Specific profit examples can help clinicians forge relationships with financial managers and your Chief Financial Officer. For question and answer responses, please feel free to call Sloan Consulting. Call 1-206-525-7858.
    Using Designed Experiments to Shrink Health Care Costs. Milwaukee, American Society for Quality's Quality Press, 1997. 215 pages, 157 illustrations. This book can help physicians, nurses, and patients use designed experiments to improve clinical effectiveness.

    Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

    • Health care executives can use simple analysis techniques to determine which variables matter and which don't.
    • Insurance companies will find that these decision tools are an excellent way to compare practice patterns. Success stories and documented results are included in Portable Document Format (PDF) FREE version. For questions or coaching please call 1-206-525-7858.
    Lean Six Sigma Using Designed Experiments Book Cover
    Success Stories Book Cover
    Success Stories in Lowering Health Care Costs by Improving Health Care Quality, with Jodi B. Torpey. Milwaukee, American Society for Quality's Quality Press, 1995. 284 pages, 77 illustrations. These 21 success stories from four health care organizations illustrate how continuous improvement reduces health care costs as it improves the quality of health care services.

    Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

    This book is available as a FREE pdf version For questions and coaching call Sloan Consulting 1-206-525-7858.

    How to Lower Health Care Costs by Improving Health Care Quality, Milwaukee, American Society for Quality's Quality Press, 1994. 247 pages, 90 figures and tables. This self-study guide teaches the principles of continuous improvement and applied business science. The first healthcare provider to use this workbook reduced net operating expenses by more than $3.5 million in less than 12 months time.

    Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

    The FREE pdf version can be downloaded. For questions or coaching please call Sloan Consulting at 1-206-525-7858.

    How to Lower Health Care Costs Book Cover
    The Quality Revolution and Health Care, A Primer for Purchasers and Providers, with Michael M. Chmel M.D. Milwaukee, ASQ Quality Press, 1991. Portuguese translation, A Revoluço da Qualidade e o Serviço de Saúde, Qualitymark Edititotia, 1996. 194 pages, 45 illustrations. Qualitymark Editoria Ltda. Rua Felipe, Camarão, 73, 220511-010, Rio de Janeiro.

    This landmark text was the first health care quality improvement book published by the American Society for Quality. It played a pivotal role Washington State's Health Care Reform Act of 1993 and other legislative initiatives. Clinical case studies were included in the appendix. This book is out of print.

    The Quality Revolution and Health Care Book Cover
    © Sloan Consulting 2010 Daniel Sloan, Lean Six Sigma Breakthrough Projects
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